FHRAI is committed to the interests of the Hospitality community and works in several ways for its welfare and progress.

Discount Cards: Our hotel and restaurant members receive two membership discount cards entitling them to 30% discount on rooms and F&B in all member establishments.

Magazine: Our monthly FHRAI Magazine is a highly acclaimed premium publication for the hospitality industry. It provides vital updates on legal matters and government policies, besides featuring insightful articles on contemporary trends in the Indian and global hospitality sector.

Representation & Lobbying: As the authentic voice of the hospitality industry in India,  FHRAI actively engages with the Central and State governments on a multitude of issues and robustly represents the views and collective concerns of our members.

Legal Relief: We continuously monitor various legal and regulatory developments and obtain timely and effective redressal for our members. 

Annual Convention:  The annual convention of FHRAI is among the most eagerly anticipated and widely attended events of the Indian hospitality industry’s calendar. Our convention serves as a unique platform for our delegates to interact and deliberate with key stakeholders, including dignitaries from the highest echelons of the government, eminent global experts, business icons, media etc.

Research and publications: Apart from the FHRAI Magazine, we have a rapidly expanding portfolio of thought-leadership publications including industry surveys, research reports, monographs and compendiums.

Seminars: In partnership with other eminent organisations and agencies, FHRAI regularly conducts seminars, conferences and workshops across the country, on a wide range of technical and topical issues of interest to our members.

Website: The FHRAI website, is a comprehensive portal which gives our members access to details of the member establishments, latest industry news, event updates, electronic copies of the current and back-issues of the FHRAI Magazine and other indispensable resources.