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Fhrai Magazine


The publication - FHRAI Magazine - is aimed at creating an avenue to disperse knowledge so that the tourism industry flourishes and the business of your organisation increases. It brings news from the Industry around the world and interesting happenings from across the country. Information related to all aspects of the Industry like trends, best practices, Human Resources Management, architecture and design, housekeeping, F&B, IT is well-researched and put into very readable articles and snippets.

49th FHRAI Annual Convention

49th FHRAI Annual Convention

Hospitality Tourism: The key to unlocking India’s Global Potential

12th to 14th September 2014

Venue : Jaipur Marriott Hotel



With 3521 detailed listings of hotels, restaurants, educational institutions, suppliers and consultants; covering over 350 cities in India. This Guide contains detailed Listings of 2337 Hotels, 1095 restaurants in 350 cities and 89 Associates .


49th FHRAI Annual Convention in Jaipur, 12th-14th September 2014

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THE FHRAI is now the 3rd largest Hotel & Restaurant Association in the world

The Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India, often known by the acronym,  FHRAI, is the Apex Body of the four Regional Associations representing the Hospitality Industry.  FHRAI provides an interface between the Hospitality Industry, Political Leadership, Academics, International Associations and other Stake Holders. FHRAI is committed to promote and protect the interests of the Hospitality Industry

By actively seeking better privileges and more concessions for the Industry. FHRAI members are always kept abreast with the latest trade information and trends, statistical analysis and reports on various topics that have a direct impact on the Industry, Government  notifications and circulars.

FHRAI helps the Hospitality Industry to grow, prosper and keep in pace with the development in the International scenario.

With more than 3824 members comprising of approximately 2484 hotels, 1204 restaurants, 132 associate members and the 4 regional associations, FHRAI is truly the voice of the Hospitality Industry that brings several million dollars to the exchequer and employs more than 17 million direct workers.

FHRAI is the voice of the Hospitality Industry and provides an interface between the Hospitality Industry, Political Leadership, Academics, International Associations and other Stake Holders.

FHRAI is committed to the progress of the Industry through the various activities like education and training, research and publication, Annual Convention to promote interaction with Government officials, political leaders and stake holders of the Industry.

FHRAI is managed by the Executive Committee headed by the elected President having a tenure of one year. The Executive Committee comprises of members from the four Regional Associations. The day-to-day business is conducted by the Secretariat headed by the Secretary General.

Over the years FHRAI has strived to fulfill the mission that the Federation has set for itself; that of representing, promoting and developing the Hospitality Industry in India. There have been many successes along the way and the past one year has been specially fruitful.


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