FHRAI is committed to the interests of the hospitality community and works in several ways for its welfare and progress. FHRAI is supportive to the problems that members face and cannot solve by themselves.The collective strength of the members helps in MEMBERSHIP dissipating issues like Representation,Lobbying, Legal Relief, Annual Convention & Exhibition etc.

We are very conscious of our lobbying role and make constant efforts to represent to the Govt. and Policy making bodies on all matters concerning the industry including taxes, incentives, export – import policy, hotel approvals, Classificataion of Hotels etc.

We are very active in legal matters and for obtaining legal relief for our members. Sometimes we obtain stay orders from courts which are only applicable to our members. For example we have a stay from Delhi High Court on TDS under section 194- I of Income Tax since April 1999, which is still continuing ( in April 2002) Members are free to refer any legal matters to us for advice and clarification.

We update on this page each such effort for the reference of members.



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Aug 5, 2014 FSSAI Communication on Extension of FBO Licenses
FHRAI Letter
july 23, 2014

Charges payable by hotels for TV signal - Amendments issued by TRAI on 16.7.2014  and 18.7.2014   

Hotels and Restaurants to be treated at par with ordinary subscribers

clause 6

Gazette notification 11112011 DAS schedule

Tariff Order 180714-CAS (DAS)-Addressable system

Tariff Press Release 160714

TRAI Order 160714amendment-non-CAS

Jun 11, 2014 No license required for playing FIFA World Cup on Television
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May 14, 2014 Fhrai Letter for MOT circular on classification guidelines Changes in the Ministry of Tourisms Classification/ Re-classification Guidelines
May 5, 2014 Civil Appeal No. 6040-6041 of 2010 M/s ESPN Software India Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and Ors. ESPN Vs TRAI
Mar 24, 2014 No license required for playing cricket matches on Television upon payment to cable operator/DTH Operator.


Star Sports Order 14.3.2014.pdf

Star Sports Order dated 26.2.2014.html

Feb 5, 2014 FSSAI Advisory on Extension of FBO Licenses FSSAI Advisory on Extension of FBO Licenses.PDF