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52nd FHRAI Annual Convention

As Indians, we are all aware of our Country and the fascinating and myriad offer of unique and varied experiences to travellers. When this is acknowledged by Visitors from other parts of the World, it makes us proud and validates ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ – the ethos of our Indian Culture.

With the rise in the number of global tourists and realising India’s potential, many companies have invested in the tourism and hospitality sector.

The FHRAI convention is returning to the beautiful Garden City, the Silicon Valley of India after more than two decades.

The event will be feature a diversity of activities unique in showcasing the best of the Region –with offerings of the culture, heritage and customs of the State.


Mr. Ajit B. Kerkar Member of Honour, FHRAI
Mr. K. Syama Raju President, FHRAI
Mr. Garish Oberoi Vice President, FHRAI
Mr. T. S. Walia Vice President, FHRAI
Mr. Dilip C. Datwani Vice President, FHRAI
Mr. Vivek Nair Hony. Secretary, FHRAI
Mr. K. Murali Rao Hony. Treasurer, FHRAI
Mr. Surendra Kumar Jaiswal Jt. Hony. Secretary, FHRAI
Mr. Ashoke Singh Jt. Hony. Secretary, FHRAI
Mr. M.P. Purushothaman E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. T Nataraajan E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. DVS Somaraju E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. K. Nagaraju E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. S.M. Shervani E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Luv Malhotra E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Rajindera Kumar E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Sanjay Sood E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Vinaay Malhotra E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Pranav Singh E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Sudesh Kumar Poddar E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Souvagya Kumar Mohapatra E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Gurbaxish Singh Kohli E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Pradeep Shetty E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Bharat H. Malkani E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Nirav Gandhi E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Anil Chadha Co-opted E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Suresh Kumar Co-opted E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. Vijay Dewan Co-opted E.C. Member, FHRAI
Mr. S.P. Jain Co-opted E.C. Member, FHRAI


Mr. K Syama Raju President FHRAI
Mr. K Nagaraju Chairman-COC
Mr. M Rajendra Co-Chairman-COC
Mr. K Murali Rao Hony. Treasurer FHRAI
Mr. Dilip C Datwani Vice President FHRAI
Mr. T. S. Walia Vice President FHRAI
Mr. Garish Oberoi Vice President FHRAI
Mr Sudesh Kumar Poddar Special Invitee
Mr. T Nataraajan Hony Secretary SIHRA
Mr. Suresh Pillai Vice President SIHRA
Mr. DVS Somaraju Vice President SIHRA
Mr. M Venkadasubbu Executive Committee SIHRA
Mr. Hari Arumugam Executive Committee SIHRA
Mr S Basavaraj Executive Committee SIHRA
Mr. P G Venkatramana Babu Executive Committee SIHRA
Mr. B D Prabhu Shankar Executive Committee SIHRA
Mr. K Ravi Executive Committee SIHRA
Mr. Jose Pradeep Executive Committee SIHRA
Mr. M Balakrishna Reddy Executive Committee SIHRA
Mr. R Prabakar Special Invitee



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