Individual Entrepreneur Awards

Criteria for Selection: (for Individual Entrepreneur Awards)

Applicant must be in the age group 30-45 years.

Must be a first generation entrepreneur. Normally persons in an inherited business will not be considered unless it is demonstrated that the applicant has substantially transformed and expanded the business.

The person must be actively involved in running the hotel/restaurant business.

Not just the achievement for the relevant financial year but cumulative achievements leading upto the year are considered. Any special achievement or significant business development during the year will be a plus point.

Applicant must give all the facts of the business including number and nature of units, milestone achievements, financial numbers etc. Audited balance sheet, P&L statement for the last 3 years including the relevant year must be submitted.

In case of restaurant entrepreneur, he/she must be involved in a standalone restaurant or a chain of such restaurants and not a hotel restaurant.

Applicant's establishment, or at least one of the many, must be a member of FHRAI.

Applicant may submit the application giving the facts and figures on the above lines. There is no need to get it recommended from anyone.

Individual Manager Awards

Criteria for Selection: (for Individual Manager Awards)

Must be in age group 25-40 yrs.

Must have worked in the hospitality industry for minimum of 5 years

Must have had a formal education in Hospitality Management or an allied field.

Must have made a significant achievement during the year for Financial Performance, Concept Development, Business Development, Successful Completion of a project etc.

The award will depend on performance during the relevant financial year. However, the cumulative performance and development of the professional profile over a period of years will be a material factor to decide on the award.

In case of a Restaurant Manager, he/she can be from a Hotel, Restaurant or a stand-alone restaurant. Chefs, F&B and Banquet Managers will need to apply in the category of the hotel manager.

Applicant must be working in a FHRAI member establishment.

Applicants must submit an application listing out the facts on the above points and special achievement(s) during the year. It must be recommended by the head of the organisation/ property who must support the facts and special achievement(s). In the case of chains it can be the General Manager of the hotel / restaurant and need not be the MD of the company.

Environmental Awards

FHRAI encourages and promotes environmentally sound practices in the Industry. In recognition of the industry's commitment to environmental concerns, FHRAI presents Environmental Awards in six categories every year, with a winner and runner up in each category.

Criteria for Selection: (for Environmental Awards)

The application form in each category has a questionnaire and applicants are judged by the Selection Committee on that basis. Applicant should have done some significant work in these areas, especially in the current financial year.

The application has questions under the following heads:

Energy management

Water conservation

Waste water treatment and disposal

Solid waste disposal.

Use of hazardous chemicals and non-biodegradable products

Air pollution and internal air quality

Noise pollution

Eco-friendly purchase policies

Training and monitoring

Communications to guests and others

Community service and involvement



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