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11 th May 2022

The Managing Directors/CEO's/Owners/Director/Partners/General Managers             
All FHRAI Members                

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Dear Member,

This is in reference to our circular dated 5th May 2022 on the captioned subject.

As informed earlier, FSSAI has issued several orders / advisories/ instructions pertaining to inspection of food businesses.  FSSAI has now decided to review all such orders / advisories/ instructions in order to consolidate and issue a comprehensive order on inspection / auditing. It is pertinent to mention that the said comprehensive order will supersede all previous orders / advisories/ instructions.

In this regard, please find below some of the highlights of current order, as attached for your reference-:

·         An inspection plan has been framed, based on risk associated Food Business, to ensure safety of high-risk food categories in systematic manner. There is  also a provision for exemption from the inspection for FBOs based on the score of Third Party Audit or Hygiene Rating Scheme, as applicable.

·         If the Food Safety Commissioner of any State / UT is of the view that more number of inspection needs to be added for a particular Financial Year, he / she may give direction to a Designated Officers in addition to the already scheduled inspection plan.

·         All Central Licensed Manufacturers / Processors under High-Risk Food Categories, as mentioned in Annexure-1 of the enclosed order, shall get its business audited by FSSAI recognized food safety auditing agency every year. Also, Third-Party Auditing of Manufacturers / Processors of high-risk food categories having state license may be mandated in their concerned states.

·         The inspection plan shall be reviewed from time to time by the Food Authority. The provisions of the new inspection plan shall be incorporated in the Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS) for systematic allotment of Designated Officers / Food Safety Officers.

·         FSSAI has identified the following food categories as high-risk category-

  1. Dairy products and analogues
  2. Meat and meat products, including poultry
  3. Fish and Fish products, including molluscs, crustaceans and echinoderms
  4. Eggs and egg products
  5. Foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses
  6. Prepared foods
  7. Indian sweets
  8. Nutrients and their preparations (Fortified Rice Kernels only)

·         Inspection of high-risk food categories shall be carried out on priority

·         Types of Inspections

  1. Pre-License Inspection: No pre-licensing inspection is required except in case for Manufacturers of Milk & Milk Products, Meat & meat products, Fish and fish products, Fortified Rice Kernels and slaughter houses
  2. Pre-Registration Inspection:  No pre-registration inspection is required except for Manufacturer / Processors of Fortified Rice Kernels, where it is mandatory to carry out inspection before issuing Registration Certificate.
  3. Routine Inspection: Regular inspections for Enforcement and Surveillance are undertaken by each state on the basis of their respective risk profile and scale of operations of FBOs.

·         Frequency of mandatory inspection of Food Business Operators

S. No.

Kind of Business (KoB)

Food Product Category

Frequency of Inspection


Manufacturer / Processor

1, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16, 18.1, 99.5 (only FRK)

Once a year



Other than 1, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16, 18.1, 99.5

Once in every two years


Food Service Establishments*

All Licensed FBOs

Once in every two years


Storage (Frozen, Refrigerated & Controlled Atmosphere) *

All Licensed FBOs of Milk & Milk Products, Fish & Fish Products, Meat & Meat Products (Food Product Category 1, 8 and 9)

Once in every two years





Transporter (Frozen, Refrigerated) *

Once in every two years


Other KoBs

5% of Licensed FBOs and 2% of registered FBOs select randomly or on the basis of the risk profile

Once a year

*For registered FBOs, state may draw their own inspection plan in accordance with the number of registered FBOs in these categories, number of FSOs/ DOs available and scale of operation of FBOs.

·         Exemptions from Inspections

S. No.

Kind of Business (KoB)




All KoBs

Obtaining 80% or above score in FSSAI's Third Party Audit

2 Financial Years (First FY, in which the Third-Party Audit is conducted and succeeding FY)


Food Service Establishments, Meat Retail Shops, Sweet Shops, Bakery Retail Shops

Hygiene Rating 5 Smileys (Excellent)

2 Financial Years (First FY, in which the Hygiene Rating Certificate has been awarded is conducted and succeeding FY)

*Third Party Audit report shall be used for awarding Hygiene Rating Certificate to FBOs eligible for the same under Hygiene Rating Scheme (Food Service Establishments, Meat Retail Shops, Sweet Shops, Bakery Retail Shops). No separate audit will be required to award Hygiene Rating certificate to such FBOs.

# Hygiene Rating Scheme cannot replace Third Party Audi tin case  KoBs such as High Risk Categories, where the Third Party  Audit has been mandated by the Food Authority of Commissioner Food Safety.

·         The order also mentioned some other important provisions such as Inspection before renewal, inspection for investigation of complaint, modification of license,  Inspection in case of food safety emergency, Inspection in case of non-conformity of Third-Party Audit or Hygiene Rating System, Inspection of expired licenses that the FBOs have to comply upon.

This information has been compiled for the perusal and further compliance by the FHRAI members. For any queries, kindly contact Mr. Abhishek Kumar at asg@fhrai.com / 7503023330.

With regards,

Jaison Chacko
Secretary General
The Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India
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